600 лв
19.07.17 г., 9:22
Кученцата са 1 мъжко и 1женско на 9месеца със всички ваксини и вътрешно обезпаразитени .кучетата намират и апортират гъбата демонстрация в реални условия. имам и други кучета със различни нива на обучение
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3 990 €
25.03.16 г., 13:16
180 sq.m house, 1000 sq.m garden First floor: Caf? (former restaurant) Second floor: kitchen living room 3 bedrooms bathroom corridor The house was built in 1982, brick, electricity, water, all communications rasiva view of the hill requires a major overhaul. 1000 sq.m garden: garage fruit trees outbuildings Distances: Targovishte - 50 km Airport Varna - 160 km Ruse - 55 km All bulgarian properties have electricity. About 98 percents of all bulgarian properties have access to running water , except some small remote bulgarian villages up in the mountains. All bulgarian houses in the villages have a septic tank , central sewage system is available only in a few very large villages. All properties have access to internet . There is at least one village shop in every village in Bulgaria, except some small remote villages up in the mountains. Some properties in Bulgaria can be purchased on monthly payments (instalments) , just fill the form below and find out about availability of this option. Selling price is Euro, not pounds. GBP price is for reference only and can vary daily. All properties in Bulgaria can be purchased remotely or directly from UK , without visiting Bulgaria. Cost of living in Bulgaria - 01.2016
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100.0 м²
12 000 лв
23.02.17 г., 12:19
Къщата е в с.Гърчиново, общ. Опака, обл. Търговище. На един етаж е , като под нея се намират мазе и голямо помещение
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Stone house, 1800 sqm land, roof needs major renovation

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2 500 €
31.01.17 г., 19:52
. Garchinovo is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality Opaka, District Targovishte. The village is
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